Oklahoma SCBWI Annual Spring Conference for 2020 Is Rescheduled As Online in October – Includes Special Features for Illustrators

Because it was postponed due to the coronavirus, Oklahoma is having its annual spring conference in October. The dates are October 2 -October 3, and the events will be held online via Zoom. Click on the following link to register:

Oklahoma Regional Fall Conference

I attended Oklahoma’s Spring Retreat in 2019, and I had registered for the Spring Event in 2020. Naturally, that event was postponed due to the virus, but fortunately, it has been rescheduled as an online Zoom Event.

I have attended numerous SCBWI events, and after the plague has lifted, I hope to do that again. The thing that stands out about thr upcoming conference is that it features some distinguished opportunities for illustrators, as well as authors.

Eileen Savage, who is an Assistant Art Director at G.P. Putnam’s Sons and Nancy Paulsen Books, two imprints of Penguin Young Readers, and she will be leading the events for the illustrators. That is especially impressive because Penguin Random House is the top of the Big 5 Publishing Houses.


I have recently published several posts about various genres in the field of children’s writing, and in every instance, sales of books were increased when they had been published by one of the Big 5 Publishers.

Although I did not discover this soon enough to take advantage of a critique with her, Frances Gilbert will also be at the October Event. She is also an editor for one of the imprints of Penguin Random House. But I know that I’ll treasure anything that Frances has to say during the general sessions. From my limited experience, I can say that Frances is one of the best in the book business. She definitely doesn’t mind speaking from her heart and not from some predetermined script:


Oklahoma always seems to draw the best to their conferences, and let’s face it, that’s why most of us attend: to be exposed to the best of the best.

When you go to check out Oklahoma’s Conference for October of 2020, study the profiles of the speakers closely. As a general rule, the speakers will have a range of specializations. When I register in time to get a critique spot, I elect to be critiqued by a professional in my own area of interest.