An August Calendar from Jacki Kellum for You to Print

The long, last blast of summer now,
I hear an autumn call.

Soft and quiet, like silver thread,
Wings come whisper to my bed,

And one sole star above my head,
Goodnight, Goodbye, my sun.
– Jacki Kellum –

I know that I am not the only person who is happy to see the summer of 2020 begin to slide by. During the spring of 2020, I moved to a different house. That was at just about the time that the Coronavirus began to strangle life around me.  I’ve had several setbacks of my own during the past few months, too, but I am tired of stagnation, and I have begun writing and illustrating again. As I begin working again, my engines begin to rev, and I begin booking new SCBWI events. As usual, my calendar has begun to fill, and I have decided to pledge myself to a new task.

Each month, I’ll post a calendar that you may feel free to print for your own use.

I’ll post the calendars both with and without my art.

I also hope to begin telling you about a few of the SCBWI Events that I have discovered that are coming down the pike.

Although it is not happening until October, Oklahoma is having its annual spring conference online It is the one that had been postponed in April. The new dates are October 2 -October 3. Click on the following link to register:

Oklahoma Regional Fall Conference

The Oklahoma Webinar Is Offering A Special Segment for Illustrators

At Oklahoma’s fall conference, there is an opportunity that is especially great for illustrators. Eileen Savage from Penguin Random House will lead that event. To participate in that, you must submit your artwork by August 20, and that is one of my first deadlines for August. 

My Deadlines for August 20, 2020

Although she is primarily known for her picture books, Darcy Pattison is teaching a novel workshop online.

Another Deadline on August 20. 2020

The date for this novel retreat is September 17-September 20, but participants must submit their novel-in-progress by August 20. 

Whole Novel Revision Retreat with Darcy Pattison

I am using my time in Darcy’s novel retreat to complete a novel that I am co-authoring with my mom.