How to Add Height to Your Garden

Jacki Kellum Garden 2022 I subscribe to the gardening principle that gardens should be layered, with taller plants in the back, medium-sized plants in front of those, and the shortest plants in front of the other two layers. The magazine Fine Gardening provided the following graphic to explain that tenet: Fine Gardening September and October…

How to Naturally Dye Fabric with Goldenrod

For many years, I have wanted to have access to a large stand of goldenrod, and finally, I have that this year–standing at the back of my yard. I must confess that this delightful patch of goldenrod is not actually mine, Rather, it is at the back of a vacant lot next to my yard….

Everyone Needs A Secret Garden – Words about My Garden

Not long ago, I visited The Cloisters in New York City. By definition, a cloister is an open hallway that surrounds a protected garden. It is a natural walkway where monks and nuns might retreat into nature and still have a degree of protection from the elements, like wind, rain, snow, sun–and other people, too….