Identifying Some of the Lichen in My Yard

Jacki Kellum – Lichen on a Water Oak Limb Normally, I am into more traditional gardening, but I am fascinated by a network of lichens that have attached themselves to my neighbor’s water oak tree. Look Closely! I see a smorgasbord of lichens. Usnea strigosa Image Credit: Ohio Moss & Lichen Association “Usnea strigosa, also…

Old Garden or Antique Roses – A List with Dates of Introduction

“Antique roses, also known as old garden roses or historic roses, are roses that existed before 1867. They are known for being hardy, disease resistant, and coming in many colors, shapes, and sizes.” Google Generative ai Archduke Charles Image Credit: Antique Rose Emporium Prior to 1837 Height: 3′ – 5′ Very Fragrant Continuous Bloom “Thomas Rivers called…

How I Created My 20′ Rose Arbor – Partially from Scraps

Rose Arbor – Jacki Kellum Garden 20′ Long – 8′ Wide “We Eat the Whole Buffalo” Following is an old saying that is said to have evolved from the tradition of the Plains Native Americans:  “We Eat the Whole Buffalo.” The words allude to a resolve to use everything available when trying to make do….

Focus on Bearded Iris – Listed by Height

Absolute Treasure Image Credit: American Meadows Height: 36-48″ tall Fragrant Pallida Image Credit: Wikipedia Height: up to 40″ Fragrant Señor Jinx Image Credit: American Meadows Height 39″ Mango Image Credit: American Meadows Height 38″   Magical Image Credit: American Meadows Height 37″ Sugar Blues Reblooming Image Credit: American Meadows Height 36″ Fragramt Off Topic Image Credit:…

Sages I Am Growing in My Garden – All Sages Are Not Created Equal

Garden Sage [Salvia officinalis] Image Credit: Gardener’s Path Height: 18″ – 36″ I love purple accents in my garden, and I like the lavender blooms on common garden sage. In addition, the smell of this plant returns me to my childhood Thanksgiving feasts. Garden sage smells of turkey and dressing, mom, and brisk November nights….