-Debut picture book is scheduled to be released in 2021-


Jacki Kellum is a member of SCBWI. and she has attended numerous SCBWI Events in several states.
She teaches art and picture book making from her studio and via workshops.


Current Picture Book Projects


On Becoming A Better-Fly

“I’d like to be your Dame, Friend Fly,
But Damsel-Quick, You fly too high.”

Perky, Purple Pelican

Perky, Purple Pelican,
Painted by the Moon,
Aren’t you just the smart one,
Your bill is like a spoon.

The Sun needs to rise,
But the Rooster’s in bed.

The Cow must be milked.
The Chicks Must be fed.

Lots of Socks

Mrs. Cow is very thrilled, a box came in the mail. 
ZIt’s from the place she ordered lots of socks that were on sale.

Socks with big, bright polka dots…


Janis Joplin: An Appalachian Star

A Picture Book Biography

That night, a clear and bright winter moon climbed into the sky and snow-stars shone through the cracks on the roof and filled the cabin with a fresh, new light. That special kind of snow-light filled the new baby Dolly Rebecca Parton. It was the lamp that led her out of poverty.