Jacki Kellum is a painter and writer who is currently working from her studio in the Ozark Mountains. Her debut picture book, The Donkey’s Song, will be published in October of 2022, by Random House Children’s Books: https://www.rhcbooks.com/books/669337

A part-time day-tripper, a part-time painter, and a full-time writer, Jacki Kellum is currently creating in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.  A member of SCBWI for years, Jacki only began submitting her own picture books for publication about two years ago. Soon after that, Frances Gilbert acquired her debut picture book The Donkey’s Song for Doubleday for Young Readers. In a personal message, Frances said the following about her writing in The Donkey’s Song: “What enchanted me most was your unexpected word choice throughout. Every line felt like a surprise and a perfect little package. And tying it up so neatly yet emotionally. It’s a masterpiece, Jacki.”

The Donkey’s Song is ready for pre-order now, and its release date is September 20, 2022. Although she is also a painter, Jacki is delighted when fine illustrators, like Sydney Hanson, create the art for her books. You can read other of Random House’s comments about The Donkey’s Song on her website at https://jackikellum.com/