Jacki Kellum Is An Arist, Author and Illustrator who is currently living and working in the Ozark Mountains. She is a member of SCBWI and has attended several SCBWI Events. She teaches from her studio and via workshops.

Current Picture Book Projects

Waking Up the Sun

Written and Illustrated by Jacki Kellum

The Sun needs to rise, but the Rooster’s in bed.

The Cow must be milked. The Chicks Must be fed.

The Lamb needs a haircut.  The Foal needs fresh hay . . . . . .

Lots of Socks

Written and Illustrated by Jacki Kellum

Mrs. Cow isvery thrilled.  A box isin the mail. It’s from the place whe orded lots of socks that were on sale.

Socks with big, bright polka socks ]

Socks with fabulous flowers . . . .

The Donkey’s Song

Written by Jacki Kellum – Illustrations Coming Soon!

Tired and laden, I carried His maiden,
To rest in a stable with straw.

No room for a bed,
I stood near instead,
I listened and smelled, as I saw: