How to Write Short Reflections for a Nature Journal: How to Show and not Tell

Tuesday July 9, 2024 The morning was slightly overcast and the wind whisked through my roses. Branches swayed, until a dainty drip of water drifted from the sky. Another drip followed–and another–and another. A soft, summer rain peppered all around. Jacki Kellum ____________________________________ Yesterday morning, I stood in the rain for a few minutes and…

Sharp Eyes Summer Journal Entries Gibson

The Bewitched Cocoons June 2d Gibson, pg. 69 Gibson, pg. 70. The Bombadier Beetle June 9th Gibson, pg. 72 Gibson, pg. 74 Gibson, pg. 75 Gibson, pg. 76 The Devil’s Coach-Horse June 9th, pg. Butterfly Botany Teachers June 16th, pg. 80  

A Free Journal to Track Your Reading for #ReadtoWrite

On January 1, I’m launching a free reading and writing event on all of my social media outlets. I would love for everyone to follow me on any or all of my social media accounts, but that is not necessary. Anyone may participate in the challenge event without following me on my social media accounts….

The Cocoon Harvest – by William Hamilton Gibson

The Cocoon Harvest December 29 [From Gibson’s Sharp Eyes: A Ramblers Calendar of Fifty-Two Weeks Among Insects, Birds and Flowers – Originally Published in 1898 and  illustrated by William Hamilton Gibson Author and Illustrator.] NOW is the time to lay up your store of cocoons, looking to those beautiful moths of next: June; and there…