Learn Embroidery Stitch by Stitch

When I was a tiny child, my mother and my grandmother taught me how to embroider. The highlight of my week was when I would get to go to the dimestore and pick up my design to embroider for the week. Embroidery is still the core of my textile art. The images that you see were not created from an embroidery kit, but bunches of years of practice preceded my being able to “wing” it with my stitchery.

Frida’s Garden and Night Garden
Jacki Kellum Embroidery

Detail Night Garden

Chanticleer the Rooster
Jacki Kellum Embroidery

I primarily used the Outline Stitch and the Chain Stitch to Create Chanticleer.

Honestly, I approach each piece of embroidery differently. I would never do the same piece the same way twice. But just as in any art form, a textile artist must have a full array of stitches under her bonnet before she begins.

I have taught hand-sewing for years, and only today, I found the perfect teaching resources to help teach embroidery stitches. I wish I had these kits years ago.

Bradove Stitch Practice Kits —  Create a Stitch Sampler
There are Videos on YouTube showing how each stitch is sewn.

Stitches Taught on Sampler 1

  1. Running Stitch
  2. Back Stitch
  3. Outline Stitch
  4. Cross Stitch
  5. Couching Stitch
  6. Blanket Stitch
  7. Herringbone Stitch
  1. How to Use An Embroidery Hoop

2. How to Separate Floss

3. How to Thread a Needle

4. How to Tie a Knot

  1. How to End a Stitch

6. How to Do the Running Stitch

7. How to Do the Back Stitch

7. How to Do the Outline Stitch

8. How to Do the Cross Stitch

9. How to Do the Blanket  Stitch

10. How to Do the Couching Stitch

10. How to Do the Blanket Stitch

11. How to Do the Herringbone Stitch

Stitches Taught on Sampler 2

Lazy Daisy Stitch

Chain Stitch

French Knot Stitch

Bullion Stitch

Fly Stitch

Feather Stitch

Split Stitch

Stitches Taught on Sampler 3


Whipped Running Stitch

Twisted Chain

Palestrina Stitch

Raised Chain

Arrowhead Stitch

Satin Stitch

Long and Short Stitch

Stitches Taught on Sampler 4

Weave Stitch

Otomi Stitch

Woven Circle

Woven Rose Stitch

Buttonhole Wheel Stitch

Leaf with Fly Stitch

Leaf with Fishbone Stitch

Leaf with Lazy Daisy Stitch

Practice Samplers for Leafs and Flowers

3 Sets Leaves and Flowers Embroidery Practice Kit, Embroidery Kit for Beginners Adults, Learn to Embroider Kit Adult Beginner, Embroidery Practice ...

Leaf Sampler

Leaf 1

Leaf 2