What Is a Jesse Tree & Why Is a Jesse Tree an Important Part of Christmas?

A Jesse Tree is a representation of the Family Tree of Jesus Christ.

Imagine that you are an apple and that your parents and grandparents are apples, too. Your family tree would look something like the one in the above photo.

In the above photo, you see the beginning of your family tree, without any apples on it. The branches are there, but there are no apples.

In the above photo, you see yourself as an apple. You are on the tree’s main trunk. This will be your family tree. The branches are where your parents and grandparents will be.

In the above photo, you see your dad on one side of your tree and your mom on the other side. They came from two separate families, and they are on different sides of your tree. This is how that might have happened:


You are at the base of the trunk of your Family Tree. Your dad and his mother and dad are on the branches of one side of your tree, and your mom and her family are on the other side of your tree.

Draw pictures of the people who belong on your family tree.

Baby Jesus had a Family Tree, too.

His mother was Mary, and His earthly father was Joseph. Many years before Joseph was born, one of his great great great great grandfathers was David, and Jesse was the father of David.

Both David and Jesse are in Jesus’s Family Tree. We might also say that Jesse is the main trunk or the root out of which Jesus was born, and that is why we create ornaments for a Jesse tree during the season of Advent.