The 2019 Ozark Mountain Artists Fall Festival Tour Was September 20, 21, & 22

The date of the 2019 Ozark Mountain Artists Fall Tour was the thrid weekend of September this year.

As the words suggest, The Ozark Mountain Fall Festival Tour is scattered across several sites in Newton County Arkansas. Newton County is in the neart of the Ozarks, and if nothing else, the drive from one viewing area to another is a great way to see what is wonderful about the rolling hiils, the mountains,  and the rock  bluff that typify this area.

The Buffalo River crosses the terrain just north of Jasper [where I was set up], but the Little Buffalo River streams through Jasper itself.

Little Buffalo River at Jasper City Park – Jacki Kellum Photos

The worst thing about being one of the exhibiting artists is that the artists only see the art of the other people showing at their own location.

Mary Olson’s House in Jasper

I showed at Mary Olson’s house, which is a block behind Nelms Art Gallery, which is also in Jasper.

Mary Olson’s Concrete and Old Metal Montage

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Mary Olson Concrete Dress

Mary Olson primarily works with concrete and other types of castings.

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But Mary’s entire home and lifestyle are art forms, and that is one of the reasons that I like showing at her house.

Mary Olson’s Garden

This is Mary Olson‘s older daughter Kara Weeden Kearney,  working on some of her wares at the 2019 Festival. Kara is a gifted silversmith and jeweler.

=Un I Unfortunately, I did not photograph Kara’s jewelry until the end of the show, and by that time, fer stock had dwindled.

No photo description available.

Stained Mosaic Glass Piece by Anna Borg

Glass artist Anna Borg also showed at Mary’s house. Anna is an excellent cook, as well as an accomplished artist, and regardless of how much we artists at Mary’s house sold, we managed to find plenty of time to cook and eat.  A weekend at Mary Olson’s house is like being at a camp with a lot of fellow artists.

Image may contain: Claire Borg, smiling, indoor

We would work a few minutes and then, we would cook and eat. In one photo, you see my stained glass-mosaic artist friend Anna Borg with dollar bills in one hand and a cookie sheet full of stuffend banana peppers in the other hand, and that about sums up an artist’s experience, showing art at Mary Olson’s house.I believe that all of us who showed at Mary Olson‘s house would agree that our weekend was only a little bit about the money. It was mostly about just being together and sharing some arts-infused air with sister-artist-friends.

Autumn in the Ozarks – Jacki Kellum Watercolor

Because I have been busy illustrating this year, I only showed a few originals at the 2019 tour.

Mrs. Cow Likes Polka Dots – Jacki Kellum Illustration

But for the first time ever, I showed two sets of picture book illustrations to the public.

Mrs. The Sun Needs to Rise – Jacki Kellum Illustration

Mary lives in a big, old Victorian house with a wrap-around porch. We artists found time to spent a large amount of time rocking on the front porch. When the show was over,, we all hugged and hugged again, and then,  we vowed that we will be doing this again for a Christmas show.. Now, it is back to the studio, getting ready for a Christmas show yet to come.

December River – Jacki Kellum Watercolor