#14DayPBChallenge Day 10 – Let’s Practice Writing Twitter Pitches

Frances Gilbert, Vice President and Editor in Chief at Doubleday for Young Readers, acquired my debut picture book The Donkey’s Song via #PBPitch, which is a Twitter Event for picture book writers who want to pitch their books to agents and editors. I have written several posts about Twitter events, and I’ll share those at the end of this post. But today, I want us to have a little Twitter Party of our own.

Assignment for Day 10:

  1. Practice Writing Sample Twitter Pitches for ANY Picture Books You Have Written

If you haven’t written a picture book, write twitter pitches for your favorite picture books that someone else wrote. Tip for writing Twitter Pitches below.

Here’s a Tip of My Own, I randomly test my Twitter posts on Twitter itself. I type the text that I think I want for my tweet in the Twitter window, but I don’t hit the Tweet button. All the words that are highlighted in pink won’t fit into your pitch. I keep whittling away my text until the most essential words will fit. If this is just a practice, I exit that window, but if I want to actually Tweet the words, I hit SEND/

The Following Shows My First Attempt at Trying to Place Words in a Twitter Box Before:

The Following Shows The Tweet After I Edited So that the Most Essential Words Fit the Twitter WIndow:


To repeat your assignment for Day 10 of the #14DayPBChallenge:

  1. Whittle Down Your Pitch to the MOST important words that you need to  HOOK & SELL your picture book manuscript idea to a prospective agent and/or editor.
  2. When you have the best words possible ready to Tweet, just do it–OR find an image that helps sell your post. I am a big proponent of using images on social media. I’ll also share some posts about the importance of using images with social media at the end of this post. In the official #PBPitch, you can only use your own original illustration with your Twitter pitch, but today, you may use any picture that you want. Today is only practice.
  3. When everything is perfect, hit Tweet. Yes! Today. Hit Tweet. Let’s have our own official Twitter Party Today. It will be fun, and it will also be great practice.

It will be good practice for the next #PBPitch, which is June 9

And guess what!!!

I’m starting another #14DayPBChallenge on June 1 – You need to jump in on that Challenge immediately on June 1. We’ll practice Tweeting on June 8 during that Challenge, and You Can Participate in #PBPitch on June 9l

Here are some of my Twitter Pitches from the Past. The images that you see in the following Twitter Pitches are my own art.


I’d like to be your Dame, Friend-Fly, But Damsel-Quick, you fly too high! Betterflies – 286 Words #PB about 2 different kinds of bugs – a damselfly and a ladybug – who learn to overcome their differences and to be #friends. #diversity #metamorphosis

Another Tweet for Another Picture Book:

Image  Image

Things Are Falling Apart on the Farm – The Cow must be milked… The Lamb needs a haircut…The Foal mst be fed. Waking Up the Sun – a short, rhyming picture book  = Rooster learns why he needs to get out of bed on time and Wake Up the Sun!

Another Tweet for Another Picture Book:


Mrs. Cow Is Over the Moon – But she is a shopaholic. Lots of Socks is a short, funny & rhyming picture book about all the socks that Mrs. Cow ordered online, i.e. “Socks with red, hot rocket ships to help her clear the moon.” #Humor

Another Tweet for Another Picture Book — No Illustration Yet!

Here Comes The Parade: Now, I see it coming, A-tapping of my feet. The majorettes a-twirling, A crispy tune a-curling, A party is unfurling, A-marching down my street.  Short, Rhyming #pb 211 words  #querying #askagent #pb #agent #queryingagent

Another Tweet for Another Picture Book — No Illustration Yet!

“A place where mosquitoes grow as big as pennies and where summers are steamy and as sticky as pancake syrup, New Orleans lies along the Mississippi River in Louisiana =- Edgar Degas Son of Louisiana – Non-rhyming PB Biography about the French painter’s visit to his mother’s American home.

My Post about My Participation in #PBPitch – Also Shares Tips to Prepare Yourself for a Twitter Event.

The Donkey’s Song Was Acquired by Random House Children’s Books Through #PBPitch – Tips for Pitching A Manuscript on Twitter