How to Paint Another Summer Bouquet in Watercolor


Another Summer Bouquet
Jacki Kellum Watercolor

Part 1: Paint Some Yellows & Orange Colors

  1. Pencil Sketch Before Painting
  2. Princeton Brush Velvet Touch 14LR
  3. Paint Petals in the Direction They Are Growing
  4. Jacki Kellum Color Wheel Yellow to Orange to Reds

DaVinci Watercolor Paint

  1. Cadmium Yellow Light
  2. Cadmium Yellow Dark
  3. Cadmium Orange
  4. Cadmium Red Light

[During the first step, I only use the first 4 colors on my Boquet Paintings. Later, I add  3 other colors]

5. Cadmium Red Dark
6. Opua
7.Permanent Rose

[I did not use #8 in this painting. That is Thioindigo Purple]

Part 2: Add Some Green Colors

  1. Cadmium Yellow Lemon
  2. Leaf Green
  3. Viridian
  4. Prussian Blue

Blue Colors

Part 3 Add Some Background

Part 4 Paint Some Bachelor Buttons

Part 5 Add the Final Touches with a Rigger – a Drawing Brush

Indigo Blue is My Black, Which Is Not a Black– It is a Dark, Dark Blue