How to Make a Donkey Sack Puppet with Patterns & Materials List

I’m about to leave on a big book tour in honor of the publication of my debut picture book The Donkey’s Song. I’ll do some book signings, some story hours, and some school visits, but trust me, when I come to read a book, I don’t just read a book. The event turns into a party–a party honoring whatever book I am reading. I play music, everyone sings & dances, & then, we make something to take home.

Jacki Kellum and The Donkey’s Song Are Coming to A Bookstore Near You

In the following video, I show you How You Can Make a Donkey Puppet at Home. 

Here is a list of the materials that I used to make a Donkey Sack Puppet:

You can order the sacks directly from The item number for the package of  Brown Kraft Sacks is  SKU: 323725 


  • Length: 3″
  • Width: 5″
  • Height: 10″

The package contains 12 sacks.

In layman’s terms, you can buy 12 sacks for about 3—8-1-2%22-x-11%22/p/16480

Note that I am recommending the Kraft Extra Heavy Weight Cardstock Paper. The regular Hobby Lobby cardstock is not heavy enough for Donkey’s ears to stand up. 

As for the colored paper, any cardstock paper should work. Cardstock is a stiffer, heavier paper than regular paper. A few years ago, Tru-Ray Construction paper was the best stiff, foldable colored paper that I could find. The Tru-Ray paper that I ordered on Amazon is not quality construction paper, but it is 1000% better than what schools stock for their students.

For the most part, regular construction paper [paper that is not Tru-Ray] is heavily loaded with pulp. It is not smooth. It is not bright and colorful. It does not fold well and hold its creases. It does not stand erect. The Amazon Tru-Ray paper is okay. It is simply not the best Tru-Ray that I have used.  Amazon Link

I noticed that Walmart carries Pacon Tru-Ray. I will check that paper. It may be the quality that I recommend. The paper in the above pack is 12″ x 18.” Each 12″ x 18″ is the same as 2 9″ x 12.” When you are comparing prices, keep that in mind.

Circle Punch - 1

Here is the link to buy the 1″ circular paper punch from Hobby Lobby:—1%22/p/17686

Here is the link to buy the 1.5″ circular paper punch from Hobby Lobby.—1-1-2%22/p/17699

Heart Punch - 1

Here is the link to buy the 1″ heart paper punch from Hobby Lobby:—1%22/p/80845550

No photo description available.

I used the 1″ Heart punch on the above donkey puppet.

Here is the link to buy the 1 15/16″ [almost 2″] heart paper punch from Hobby Lobby:—1-15-16%22/p/80845552

The punches go on sale at Hobby Lobby every other week, too

Link for Google Eyes at Amazon. I used 20mm size on the above donkey puppet.  Amazon calls them Wiggle Eyes.

Google Eyes Link

Following is a general idea of how the donkey’s ears should look. If you watch the video, you will see that I just drew some ears freehand. My ears are a bit more pointed on the top. If you want your ears more pointed, shave a bit off the upper part. I suggest you just jump in and draw your own ears. The tab at the bottom is the part that you will hide behind the rectangle that you glue over the face.