Color in Photoshop – A Review of the Different Modes of the Color Panel

In the above image, you see that I am using the Colors Panel in HSB Mode.


  If I click from the drop-down menu, I can select another mode. Let’s look at the Color Wheel Mode or the Color Disk

Following, you will see views of the Hue Cube Mode of the Color Panel:

From the Drop Down Menu on the far right, I selected Hue Cube.

By sliding the little white dot on the Hue Cube, I have selected a bright pink color.

I check on the far left tool bar, and I see that the bright pink color is currently my fill color. I create a rectangle with that color.

From the Drop-down menu on the right, I select Current Color. White is the other color.

The above chart shows all of the beautiful colors that I might select from various mixes of the beautiful pink and white. The colors with white are the colors values.

If I change the bottom color to black and leave the mode in Current Color, I see a range of the beautiful pink’s values.

By selecting the Swatches Mode from the Drop Down Menu on the Colors Panel, I see the most recent colors that I have used. If you need to get back to a certain color, this is helpful.