Advent Day 3 – The Terrible Lie – A Bible Story and Some Activities for the Family

Activities for Advent Day 3

Let’s Draw and Shade an Apple:

God told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of one tree, but the snake tempted Eve, and she sinned. Adam followed. Most people think that the fruit they ate was an apple.

Let’s Create an Apple Design

Our story today does not mention this, but after the snake brought sin into the world, people began doing terrible things. One of Adam and Eve’s sons killed his brother. After that, people became meaner and meaner.

Today, I want us to begin thinking about the mean things that we do, and I want us to understand that racial prejudice should not exist. All of us are part of God’s family. We are all Earthlings.

Activity 1: Watch the Earthlings

Activity 3: Let’s Think of Ways that We Can Honor People in Our Own Family:

Let’s Begin by Reading The Relatives Came:

Let’s Do Some Multicultural Things Today:

Activity 4: Invent a New Country. Draw a Map

Activity 5: Read Strega Nona

This is a great picture book for celebrating Advent. It is about an old, different woman in Italy. Let’s Honor Our Older People–and the People Who Are Not Like Us. Let’s Include Everyone.

Activity 6: Read Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People – A Picture Book by Verna Aardema – Fabulous Illustrations by Leo & Diane Dillon


This is a great picture book for today’s Advent story. is about a slithering snake, and it is also about Africa, a country where most people have dark skin. I believe that Adam and Eve had dark skin. I believe that most people in the Bible have dark skin.
Some of the Bible stories take place in Africa.

Activity 7: Let’s Draw a Snake like the one in Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears. Let’s Color it with Magic Markers.

1, Draw the snake with Yellow Magic Markers
2. Color His Eye Yellow3. Color the Blue Shapes Next.
4. Color the Purple Shapes Next,
5.. Color the Black Last.

Activity 8: Let’s Celebrate Black History Month Early–and Everyday After That:

Picture Books that Celebrate Black History Month

Activity 9: Let’s Draw a Piece of African Kente Cloth and Color it with Magic Markers:

Africa Afrika Tumblr

Activity 10: Let’s Read The Hula-Hoopin’ Queen

Activity 11: Let’s Celebrate African Americans and People Who Live in Other Parts of Our Nation, too.

This Story, Rent Party Jazz is about New Orleans. It is also about a community that pulls together.

This Story, Trombone Shorty, is about New Orleans. It is also about a nice brother:

Activity 10: Let’s Take a Virtual Tour of the South, the Mississippi River, and New Orleans with Jacki Kellum

I have lived in the South most of my life. At the time that I made the following video, I was living in New Jersey, and I was longing to go back home to the South. Finally, I am back in Mississippi. I grew up in cotton country along the Mississippi River, just north of New Orleans:

Activity 11: Let’s Make a Mardi Gras Mask

Activity 12: Let’s Make a Folding Alligator.

Alligators live in New Orleans and in a few other places in the Deep South. There are alligators in some parts of Mississippi, the state where I live now.

Activity 13: Let’s Draw an Alligator.

Activity 14: Let’s Celebrate Chinese New Year’s Early–and Everyday After That:

Activity 15: Let’s Make A Chinese Dragon Puppet.

Activity 16: Let’s Read the Sound of Silence
Listen for the Chinese Music in the Video

Activity 16: Let’s Make A Chinese Dragon Puppet.

Activity 17; Let’s Draw a Dragon.

Activity 18: Let’s Watch The Following Picture Book/Animated Video about a Boy Who Lied


Activity 19: Let’s Try Drawing and Shading An Apple

Most people believe that apples were the fruit on the tree that Eve was told not to eat, but I’m not sure that anyone knows exactly what fruit that Eve ate. But this is still a good day to draw an apple,

Image Credit: You Can Draw in 30 Days – Mark Kistler

This drawing was done by one of Mark Kistler’s Students

Activity 20: Let’s Make Some Apple Prints

Activity 21: Let’s Practice the ABCs

Activity 22: Let’s Celebrate the Letter A

The Donkey’s Song Is for All Cultures

Some of you may not know this, but I am the author of the picture book The Donkey’s Song. The story is about the donkey who carried Mary [and Baby Jesus] to Bethlehem.

By almost every standard, The Donkey’s Song is a book exclusively for Christians, but I do not accept that limitation. From the very beginning, I intended for all children to read my book. The story of Miracles and Wonder is universal to all people.

Activity 25: Something for Digital Artists – Draw an Apple on Your iPad in Procreate

My Picture Book The Donkey’s Song is for People of ALL cultures.

What Do the Words “Nativity Story” Mean? The Donkey’s Song Also Has A Multicultural Message