Advent Day 2 – In the Beginning – A Bible Story and Some Activities for the Family

Day 2 – December 4, 2023

In the beginning, God created everything in our world, but He created it one step at a time.

He created the world out of empty nothingness.

First,  He added light. He didn’t create the sun and the stars or night and day on the first day, but he created light. The world was still a watery abyss.

Soon, God separated the water from the sky.

Next, out of the splashing water, God created land,

Next, God created trees. . . .


And other plants & flowers.

He added birds to the sky,

And fish to the water.

Then, He added the animals.

He saved the best for last. He finally created a man and a woman to be like Him.

Activities for Day 2

Activity  1: Celebrate World Environment Day

In the beginning, God created the world. He did that to share His love. We need to pledge ourselves to take care of God’s creation.

Activity  2: Make a Jesse Tree

Make a REAL Jesse Tree – Go get a dead limb and position it somewhere in your home. We’ll make ornaments for our Jesse Trees later.

A Jesse Tree is a representation of Jesus’s Family Tree. David was an ancestor of Jesus, and his father was named Jesse. Again,

Advent is a Time of Waiting. God could have sent Jesus immediately, but He waited thousands of years before that. 

10 In that day there shall be a Root of Jesse, who shall stand as a banner to the peoples. For him shall the nations seek. And his rest shall be glorious. Isaiah 11:10

For that reason, we’ll focus on the fact that trees have branches. Those branches are more obvious on some trees than on others. When there are no leaves on deciduous trees, you can see the branches most clearly.

Activity 2: Let’s Learn about Trees & Family Trees by Making a Construction Paper Family Tree

[A Jesse Tree is about Jesus’s Family Tree. Jesse was the father of King David, the Shepherd Boy who killed Goliath. Both Jesse and David are great great great great great grandparents and (on and on ) of Jesus. ]

10 In that day there shall be a Root of Jesse, who shall stand as a banner to the peoples. For him shall the nations seek.  Isaiah 11:10

Activity  3: Make a Family Tree from Construction Paper

A child and/or beginner might want to make a tree collage from construction paper. The following activity will show how creating a tree can help a person understand the concept of a family tree.


Your Parents are the first set of branches on your Family Tree.

Your Grandparents are the second set of branches on your Family Tree.

Activity 4: Draw a Tree with No Branches

Use Magic Markers or Crayons to Color It. Don’t Try to Be Perfect – Just Be Sure You Have Branches on Your Tree. Also, draw a bird in your picture.  God added birds to His creation, and He watches His birds all the time. “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches Me.”

Activity 5: Draw Some Mountains with Mark Kistler

Remember that in today’s story video, God created Land. The video suggests that land grew out of the watery world that had been there.

Activity  6: Make a Paper Chain for Your Jesse Tree

Activity 7: Read the Picture Book The Tree

Activity 8: Let’s Be Happy Christmas Trees

I love the fact that Advent can be combined with traditional Christmas celebrations. Enjoy Christmas in as many ways as you can. Christmas is a Miracle. Celebrate It!

Activity 9: Let’s Look at a Great Storybook Bible for Older Kids and Teens, Pay Close Attention to the Designs

Activity 11:Let’s Make a Design:

Activity 11: Something for Preschoolers

Activity 12: Something for Digital Artists who use procreate