Tons of Free and Nearly Free Programs for Children’s Writers & Illustrators – What’s Ahead?

It is true that within every dark cloud there is a silver lining, and several organizations have stepped forward during the Coronavirus pandemic to add a touch of a silver lining by providing free and nearly free programs for the people who are writing and illustrating for children.

For years, the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators has provided resources–especially through the regional conferences, but this year, the conferences scheduled to meet during the spring were canceled because of the coronavirus. SCBWI has responded by offering a series of FREE video conferences during this time.

FREE Video Conferences Sponsored by SCBWI

Although the following is not the full list of offerings, these are the free programs that SCBWI is offering and that I’ll attend–virtually.

View the full list and register HERE:

The SCBWI Is Continuing to Offer Webinars Through Its Regional Chapters Here: 

Frances Gilbert @GoGirlsGoBookss  will be talking about hooks in books on April 2.

Frances is both an author and the Editor-in-Chief of Doubleday Books for Young Readers.

What’s Your Picture Book Hook? Register Here:


The Highlights Foundation Is Offering 3 Free Programs Per Week

Register Here: 

This past Friday, I watched a free video conference featuring the author-illustrator Kelly Light. It was part of the Highlights for Children Foundation’s ongoing effort to provide free resources to support children’s authors and illustrators. Check out all of the Free Highlights Gather Programs  and Register: