How to Draw An Egg – Jacki Kellum Free Drawing Class

Eggs have important to human survival for as long as I know. I don’t know who were the first people who learned to cook eggs, but somewhere along the way, mankind realized that the little oval things that birds lay were edible, and ever since then, eggs have been important for human survival.

Centuries ago, eggs became symbols for good luck, for wealth, and in some ways, they became symbolic of the circle of life. No doubt, that is why eggs are linked to Easter. Easter is a time of new hope, regeneration, and new beginnings.

But on a lighter note, Humpty Dumpty was an egg.

Denslow's Humpty Dumpty 1904.jpg

In case you don’t know about Humpty Dumpty, he fell off of a wall, and he broke into pieces–as any egg should.

I know that many children do not celebrate Easter, but the oval or the egg shape is a good fundamental shape for drawing many things. Later, we’ll draw several characters who are simply eggs.

We’ll begin by drawing the Bowtie Bunny in Ballet Shoes

But I have every intention for us to draw Humpty Dumpty, too.

Today, We’ll Begin by Drawing an Egg

All you need to draw an egg is a plain piece of printer paper and a school pencil.

1. Turn your paper up and down. When things are up and down and not sideways, they are said to be vertical.

2, Draw a line sideways across your paper, When things are sideways, they are said to be horizontal.

3, Draw a very light vertical line, We’ll erase the vertical line later. That is why you need to draw it lightly.

4, Draw an oval or egg shape. Draw part of the egg above the horizontal line. Draw the other part of the egg below the horizontal line. Look carefully at your vertical line. Draw half of your egg on one side of the vertical line, and draw the other side of your egg on the other side of your vertical line. Try to make both sides of your egg look the same. But don’t worry if your egg is not perfect.

5. Erase the vertical line. HOORAY! You have drawn an egg.

6. You might like to draw some polka dots on your egg, too.

7. You might like to color your egg, too. You can color your egg any way that you want.

8. Draw more eggs. Decorate them with stripes and zigzags and hearts and flowers. Draw an entire basket of eggs.