My Family’s Duvall Connection from France to Virginia to Southeast Missouri

I. Marc Duval de la Semee

Born 1550
Died 1628

II. Jean Duval du Coudray

Born 1590
Married Marguerite Fouqueron

III. Jean Duval

Born 1600
Married Novembre 27, 1617
Married to Jeanne Petit

IV. Antoine Romine Duval

Chambéry, Savoie, Rhone-Alpes, France

Born 1620
Died 1665
Married 1645
Married to Marie Chanlier
Born 1620

V. Daniel Duval, I

Also Known As: “Chevalier of France Daniel DuVal”
Born 1665 Normandy, Plouigneau, Brittany, France
Died 1717 Ware Parish, Gloucester County, Virginia
Married to Philadelphia DeBois
Born 1677 Brive, Corrèze, Limousin, France
Died 1740 Gloucester County, Virginia

VI. Col. Samuel Duval, Sr.

Born 1713 in Gloucester, VA
Died 1784
Married to Lucy Claiborne in King William, VA
Born 1724
Died 1818

VIII. Samuel Duval

Born 1750
Married to Margaret Sheppard
Born 1756
Died 1782

IX. Samuel Bedloe Dunscomb

Born 1763 in New York City
Died 1798 in New York City
Married to Lucie Duval

X. Samuel Duval Dunscomb

Born 1792 in New York City
Died 1823 in Simpson County, KY
Married to Nancy Woods Rayburn
Born 1797
Died 1834

XI. Daniel Sheppard Dunscomb

Born 1817 in Logan County, KY
Died 1876 in Clay County, AR
Married September 24, 1838 in Logan County, KY
Married to Mary Ann Johnson
Born 1819
Died  1883

XII. William Thomas Dunscomb

Born 1846
Died 1915
Married to Sara Elizabeth Liddell
Born 1853

XIII. Kenley Liddell Dunscomb

Born 1877
Married to Mayme Lena Dunscomb
Born 1879

XIV. William Elmer Dunscomb

Born 1897
Died 1972
Married to Henrietta James
Born 1900
Died 1936

XV. Henry Albert Baker [Hank, H.A.]

Born April 5, 1921
Died February 2, 2013
Married to Laura Mae Dunscomb
Born December 6, 2026

XVI. Terry Allen Baker
XVI. Jacqueline Kay Baker [Kellum]

Born  March 13, 1950
Married to Joseph Leslie Kellum, Jr. [Divorced]
Born March 4, 1951