My Family’s Connection to Pocahontas

My ancestor Samuel Duval’s first wife was Margaret Sheppard, but Margaret died in 1786′. Afterward, he married Anne Everard Bolling, whose descendant was the John Rolfe who married Pocahontas. Therefore, in a round-about way, I could say that Pocahontas is my step-ancestor.

Pocahontas plays heavily in the history of Jamestown, and my direct ancestor William Claiborne surveyed that area of Virginia for King James. Even though Pocahontas is not in my direct bloodline, I feel sure that my family’s line touched hers–perhaps in more than 1 way.

This is how that genealogical line might look:

What language did the Powhatan speak? - History Is Fun

I. Morning Ripple Algonkian

I. Running Stream Algonkian
Married Morning Flower Scent

Chief Powhatan - World History Encyclopedia

I. Powhatan Winsonocock

Born c. 1547 Near Jamestowne Virginia
Died c. 1618
Married Wingonuske Matatiske Nonoma

Powhatan | American Indian chief | Britannica

I. Thomas Rolfe

Born c. 1615 Near Jamestowne Virginia
Died c. 1678 Richmond

Married Pocahontas
Born 1595

I. Robert Bolling

Born 1646 Kippax Charles County Virginia
Died 1709 Kippax
Married Jane Rolfe
Born 1650 Varina Henrico Co. Virginia
Died 1726 Kippax

I. John Bolling, Sr.

Born 1676 Kippax Charles County Virginia
Died 1729 Henrico Virginia
Married Mary Kennon
Born 1679 Conjurer’s Neck Henrico Co. Virginia
Died 1726 Cobbs Henrico Co. Virginia

I. John Bolling, Jr.

Born 1700 Cobbs Chesterfield County Virginia
Died 1757
Married Elizabeth Blair
Born 1709
Died 1775

I. Archibald Bolling

Born 1740
Died 1827
Married Jane Randolph
Born 1755
Died 1796

I. Samuel Duval
Married Anne Everard Bolling who died in 1834