I Used Canva to Create An Announcement for My Debut Picture Book The Donkey’s Song

Several days ago, I tweeted the message that images are important to help build a social media base. And in that post, I advised authors to subscribe to Adobe Photoshop, which is expensive, at best. For years, I have subscribed to the entire Adobe Creative Suite, and I use at least one of its programs daily. But one of my Twitter friends corrected my tweet, saying that Canva is a much more reasonable option for creating images for social media. In the spirit of self-improvement, I visited Canva yesterday and tried it. I must agree that Canva is an excellent resource for creating images to use on social media.

Over the next few days, I’ll create some posts to explain how I made any of various images or flyers or Instagram posts, etc.,  via Canva, but today, I want to tell you about the Book Announcement Video that I created via Canva. I was so very impressed that I bought the Canva pro plan. But for most images, you don’t need the pro plan. Canva offers tons of free resources.


Canva has free music files for your videos, and if you have ever tried to share a video through YouTube, you have probably discovered that you cannot use most of the other musical files there that you might find online.

I‘ll admit that I used Adobe Premiere Pro to tweak the video that I created on Canva.

Canva’s greatest shortcoming is that it does not allow users to fade the music on their videos.

Audio fade is nice-but-not-necessary. Since I subscribe to the entire Adobe Creative Suite, I saved my Canva video and reopened it in Adobe Premiere Pro, which does have the option for an audio fade. I pay for Premiere Pro anyway, and I decided to just use it for that one final tweak. But again, you can easily create a book announcement video on Canva. And also again, I’ll get back with more tips about how to use Canva to help you create your author identity in other ways. I love the quick and easy way that Canva helps you enter images in shapes, as I did in the above video just for you.


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