How to Use Color-Coded Book Tags to Annotate & Tag a Book

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In the above post, I tell you that I use different color book tabs to designate various information.

When I see an important quote, I designate that with purple tabs. [You could use any color for that].
When themes are mentioned, I use another color.
I allot a different color to each of the most important characters.

  1. Will Halloway is the manifestation of light and I use yellow to note when Will is Mentioned.
  2. Jim Nightshade is dark, but he is not the ultimately dark character that will come next. Jim Nightshade’s tab color is light blue.
  3. Mr. Dark is the evil kind of darkness. His tab color is dark blue.
  4. For Charles Halloway, Will’s old dad, I use the color orange. I also use that color when the month of October or Autumn is mentioned. Charles Halloway IS October and Autumn.

You could also use Post-It Notes as tabs, but the Golcellia tabs are transparent. One end of each tab is clear. Therefore, you can place that over text in the book and still read the book.  Golciella tabs are also a bit more permanent than post-it notes.

Heck, you could use clear tape and double it around a book’s page. To color-code your tape tabs, you could use a multi-colored pack of sharpies.