How to Create an MLA Citation for Websites: How to Research for Writers

Scribbr is a Fabulous Resource for Writers. Among many other things, they have a free Citation Generator.

Next, you will be asked to add the URL of the Website.  I’ll be creating a citation for a post on another one of my websites: Mythological Connections.

  1. Go to the scribbr citation creator:
  3. I will be adding the link to a post on Mythological Connections and not to the website, in its entirety. Here is the URL of the post:
  4. You can see that web address on my computer:

I’ll have to enter that address three times on the Scribbr Citation Generator. Here is how you will begin to create your citation:

You find the next important info about the post that I’m citing at the top of the post.

Title: How Does the Ancient Greek Creation Story Compare to the Biblical Story in Genesis
Author: Jacki Kellum
Date Created: September 4, 2022

Here is the MLA Citation for that article for the day that I accessed it.

Kellum, Jacki. “How Does the Ancient Greek Creation Story Compare to the Biblical Story in Genesis.” Mythological Connections, 4 Sept. 2022,

If you elected to read that article and use it as a source, you would need to change the access date.

Note: You will discover that much of what you read on websites has no author, date published, etc. Don’t guess: Just skip the info that is not available on the website.