A House in the Woods – A Picture Book by Inga Moore

“A Little Pig had made a den for herself in the woods. Next door, another Little Pig had made himself a hut.”

“But when the first Little Pig brought hr feather home to her den, she discovered that Bear had moved in–which she didn’t mind because she likes Bear.”

To summarize:

Because the animals had no place to live, Moose had an idea:  “Why not build a big house where they could all live together?”

But the task was too large for the 4 animals. Moose called his friend the Beavers to come help.


The Beavers asked to be paid in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Finally, the house was finished, but all the animals are exhausted. We are left to wonder if building the house was worth all the hard work that it required. We watch the animals sitting by the fire, telling stories. The animals climbed upstairs to bed:

“Soon the only sounds to be heard there were the soft cheeps of sleepy birds roosting in the rafters, the tiny rustling of wood mice in the fallen leaves outside, and, just now and then, the gentle snoring of Bear.

Good night, Bear,
Good night, Mouse,
Good night, Little Pigs.”

“Sweet dreams, everyone.”