Harry and Horsie – Picture Book Daily – Jacki Kellum

Harry and Horsie
Katie Van Camp
Pictures by Lincoln Agnew
Baker & Bray [An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers]

370 Words
36 Pages

Harry and Horsie | Communication Arts

Harry and Horsie is a picture book romp through space, where Harry jets around looking for his stuffed animal Horsie.

Harry and Horsie | Communication Arts

Horsie was whisked away from earth by one of the bubbles that had blooped it away. The blooping away had begun with Harry’s toy train.

The picture book Harry and Horsie has the feel of an old comic book. The illustrator employs a retro comic book style.

Several of the pages are set up as panels.

The text of the book begins on page 6.

Pages 8 and 9 have 2 panels on each of the facing pages.