Bible 365 – A #ReadtoWrite Challenge for 2023 #Bible365

#Bible365 is a Social Media Challenge and Event to Read the Bible Cover to Cover in 365 Days

The #Bible365 Challenge Begins January 1.

Participants in #Bible365 will compete for an autographed copy of The Donkey’s Song – a Picture Book by Jacki Kellum and Illustrated by Sydney Hanson

To Win an Autographed Copy of Jacki Kellum’s The Donkey’s Song, Participants Must Read the Passages Assigned for Each Day and Make a Comment about that Day’s Reading in the Social Media of Their Choice. Tag the Comment #Bible365. The Person Who Comments and Tags the Most Wins.

Following are Examples of Daily Bible Reading Assignments for #Bible365

Genesis 1 – The Creation Story Days 1 through 6
Genesis 2 – The Creation Story Day 7 and the Creation of Adam and Eve and Paradise or The Garden of Eden
Genesis 3 – The Serpent and the Fall of Adam and Eve

Genesis 4 – Cain and Abel and Sin
Genesis 5 – Adam’s Family Line through Noah and His Sons
Genesis 6 – Noah
Genesis 7 – Noah’s Ark

#Bible365 is a Subset of #ReadtoWrite.

Read to Write – A Challenge for 2023

Participants can compete in both #Bible365 and #ReadtoWrite.