All About Amazon Author Central – A Published Author’s Next Step

As soon as my debut picture bookThe Donkey’s Song showed up as ready for pre-order at Amazon, I began free-falling into a vat that was filled with tasks that I needed to do next. From my vast history of buying books on Amazon, I knew that some authors had author pages there, and I wanted my own author page, too. To learn more about that option, I performed some Google searches to see how I could accomplish that goal.  In doing so, I discovered Amazon Author Central at

Any published author can set up an author page on Amazon, and the service is free. However, the author has to establish his or her own page. It doesn’t simply appear.

Authors can register for their own author pages at:

It took me a few minutes to figure out the options that are available, but I have finally discovered that authors can add several images and videos to their author pages. If you have ever wondered how some books seem to have book trailers available, I’ll show you how to get one of those going, too. But that is just a nice-but-not-necessary feature.

But if you want to add a video, the easiest way to create your own book trailer is via Canva. For the non-techy people, I am available for hire to create simple videos for them.

Once you have some graphics and/or a video or two ready to share, do the following.

Sign in to your Amazon Author Central Site.

Once I have signed in, I see the following now [I had supplied my profile pic when I registered. You can add that later]:

Click on the Profile Tab, which is in the Upper Left, beside the Home Tab.

Scroll Down. You will see a tab on the right that leads to a place where you can add a bio. On the right, you will see a tab that takes you to a place that allows you to add images and videos. Click on each area separately and at individual times and follow the instructions for adding each type of info.

To check your progress, open a new tab at Enter a search for your book. Down on the lower left, below the book info, you will see your author page link. Click on that. 

And Voila! There you are!


Why Should You Set Up an Amazon Author Page?

If anyone is wondering why to do this: In a matter of a few words:

An Author Page on Amazon is Your Way to Let People Know that You Are Worthy of Their Attention. It is a way to validate yourself. It is a way to provide more information about your books that are available for sale. It is a way to place yourself at the front of the herd of booksellers.