Advent Day 1 – A Story and Some Activities for the Family

Day 1 – December 3, 2023

The Story & the Song

Today’s Story lays the groundwork for Advent. It explains that God sent His son because He loves His people,

Today’s story begins by telling us that God’s creation of the world is a reflection of His love.

“The heavens are singing about how great God’s love is., and the skies are shouting it out.”  Sally Lloyd-Jones, The Jesus Storybook Bible

“God wrote, ‘I love you.” He wrote it in the sky and on the earth and under the sea. He wrote His message everywhere! Because God created everything in His world to reflect Him like a mirror….to make our hearts sing.” Sally Lloyd-Jones, The Jesus Storybook Bible

“And God put it into words, too, and wrote it in a book he called ‘the Bible.” Sally Lloyd-Jones, The Jesus Storybook Bi

For today’s activity, I want us to create Valentines for God, telling Him oo.that we love Him, 

Activities for Day 1

1. Create an Advent Candle

Why Do We Light Candles During Advent?

The Tradition of Lighting Candles During Advent

2. Light a Candle

3. Sing a Song about Light

Advent Is A Season of Light -Disney’s I See the Light Is My Anthem of Advent

4. Check Out the 21 Days of Drawing Challenge

21 Days Drawing Challenge Day 1 – A FREE Jacki Kellum How to Draw Class


Check this Activity Out Now. Order Supplies Now. and I’ll begin the rest of the days of the challenge after Christmas. Everyone needs time to get their supplies.

Art Supplies List for 21 Days – Jacki Kellum Drawing Challenge

 While I taught art in schools, I was named National Teacher of the Year. Sharing free drawing classes is a way that I can share, and Christmas should be a time of sharing.

To help you understand shading, follow along with the following tutorial

I have a confession to make, when I launched my 21 Days Drawing Challenge, I did not realize that Mark Kistler has updated his drawing tutorials and that he currently has a 21 Day Drawing Challenge, but you must pay for it at 21Draw. Please–Check out that site and Mark Kistler’s new and improved videos there.

The 21Draw site is well worth the money. My tutorial today is just a taste of Mark Kistler. For one tuition price, you will have access to many types of art tutorials.

Learn to draw in 21 days

Activity 5: For the Tots: Practice Your ABCs

Advent is Learning to Wat — Learning to Grow –in Steps

The ABCs  are the first step toward Learning to Read

Get Ready for a Free Preschool Program that I’ll start after Christmas – Drawing the ABCs

We’ll Draw every animal in the above video and learn some special things about each of them. This will not be a how-to-draw program. This program will endorse absolute creativity/ The Kids will draw with Crayola Brand Magic Markers. Be sure that you have your markers ready by January of 2024;

Make Another Advent Wreath from Construction Paper