Writers Must Learn to Promote Themselves – The Importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Perhaps it was different even 10 years ago, but in today’s market, writers must learn to promote themselves. And to that, I add that in the process, they must also learn how to harness Google.

When I first began writing, I made the good decision to launch several blog sites. I have known for years that writers and artists need to learn to self-promote, and while I mainly use my blog sites as a filing system–a way to help me record things that I myself want to remember–I also use my blog sites to help me market myself. That almost sounds like a thing that I wouldn’t want to admit, but success in almost every business depends upon advertising, and my blogs are ways that I advertise.

Writer Tip # 1 for Today – Get Over Your Embarrassment about Marketing

Initially, I began blogging with one free WordPress blog, and I tossed everything into that one site. The problem is that I have a broad range of interests, and although I named that first blog site Jacki Kellum: Juxtapositions, I soon realized that I needed more than one blog site and that I also needed one specific blog site dedicated to my writing. That is my website and blog and jackikellum.com


As soon as my debut picture book The Donkey’s Song was acquired, I knew that I needed a website that would be primarily about my writing. That site is jackikellum.com. I am also a painter and prior to February of 2022, there were also posts about my painting on the jackikellum.com site, but with the release of my debut picture book for pre-order, I have removed most of my posts about my painting from that site. I knew that it was time for me to get serious about branding myself as a writer, and frankly, Google wasn’t even sure how to brand me.

Today, I want to encourage you to do a few important things to help people find you to begin to brand yourself online:

  • Start a Writer’s Website [I recommend a Managed WordPress Site]
  • If You Have Not Linked Your Site to Google Analytics, Do So 
  • Set Up Your Site With A Blog
  • Use Tags Effectively on Your Blog to Increase your SEO

Writer’s Tip # 1 for Today – Get Over Your Embarrassment about Marketing

Writer’s Tip #2 for Today – Create A Website for Your Author Page.

Good News! You can do that via WordPress. They Even Have Free Sites.

For several years, my Managed WordPress Sites have been hosted through GoDaddy, and admittedly, that costs money, but since WordPress advertises on their free sites, I prefer to pay for my site now. I do advise every writer to launch an author’s WordPress Site, and if Free is all that you can afford at this time, start with a Free Site. I haven’t created a free WordPress site for years, but it looks as though you should start with this link] and simply follow it step-by-step.], Link to Start New WordPress Site

Writer’s Tip #3 for Today – Create An Option for Blogging on Your Author’s Website.

A Blog is a way that you offer worthwhile content to your prospective viewers. Hopefully, this will be how you attract viewers to your site.

Writer’s Tip #4 for Today – Create Your Website and Your Blog Now! Don’t Wait Until You Have Been Published.

I have been blogging on WordPress Sites for at least 10 years, and only today, my debut picture book, The Donkey’s Song, was released for pre-order. Believe me, it takes years to create a presence on Google and on other Search Engines, too. In my humble opinion, you should begin working toward establishing an online presence as soon as you can.

Writer’s Tip #5 for Today – Offer Some Tips or Insights That Others Might Find Useful:

I have a WordPress site about my gardens and on that site, I blog about all sorts of things related to gardening.


I have a WordPress site about the beautiful Ozarks, where I currently live, and on that site, I blog about all sorts of things related to gardening.



I have several other WordPress sites, too, but as of today, my jackikellum.com website will be exclusively dedicated to my writing. It will serve as my author’s page.