To Help Control Your Perfectionism, Try Completing a Painting in Only 30 Minutes

This week, I have returned to one of my older passions–painting boldly and expressively. I have discovered that even though my 30-minute paintings are not loaded with the “real,” many people still like them because they are free.7

A Jar of Sunflowers – Jacki Kellum Acrylic Painting Completed in 30 Minutes

Sunflowers in a Blue Mason Jar – Jacki Kellum Acrylic – April 2021

A month after I completed the quick study of sunflowers in a blue jar, I returned to it and finished it. It sold almost immediately after I showed it. People seemed to like the energy that I retained of the first study.

Before I began the above painting, I did another painting of the same subject matter, but I completed that painting in only 20 long strokes.

A Jar of Sunflowers – Jacki Kellum Acrylic Painting Completed in 20 Strokes

Perfectionism is undoubtedly one of the worst enemies of anyone who wants to create.

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And invariably, perfectionism can be linked to a creator’s fear.

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