The Whitaker Family Tree from England to Virginia to Southeast Missouri

  1. Robert Sr. Whitaker [His grandson immigrated to America]

Birth:    circa 1604

Padiham,  Lancashire, England

2. Robert Whitaker, Il MP

Birth:    March 29, 1637

North Yorkshire, England

Death: February 6, 1741 (103)

Grindletown, York, England

Immediate Family:

Son of Robert Sr. Whitaker

Husband of Margaret Whitaker

3. Joshua Whitaker, Sr. MP Immigrated to America

Birth:    December 22, 1675

London, Middlesex, England

Death: September 26, 1719 (43)

Lexington, Rowan County, Province of North Carolina

4. William Whitaker MP Also Immigrated

Place of Burial: Jersey Baptist Church Cemetery, Davidson County, North Carolina, United States

Birth:    February 10, 1701

Grindleton, Yorkshire, England

Death: 1789 (87)

Rowan County, North Carolina, United States

Immediate Family:

Son of Joshua Whitaker, Sr. and Jane Whitaker

[Although the previous Whitakers died in Rowan County, Mark Whitaker was born in Pennsylvania. From that fact, I deduce that the family lived in Pennsylvania in between the times that they lived in England and North Carolina. They probably sailed into the Port of Philadelphia:


5. Mark Whitaker – Born in USA

Birth:    circa 1726

Kennett Square, Chester, Pennsylvania, United States

Death: March 2, 1780 (50-58)

Lincoln, Tennessee, United States

[In like fashion, Mark Whitaker was born in Pennsylvania and he died in Tennessee, but in between, he lived in Rowan County, where William Whitaker died.]

6. John Whitaker [Pegleg]

Place of Burial:   Mulberry Cemetary, Tennessee, United States

Birth:    1760 or 1761

Rowen, North Carolina, United States

Death: June 13, 1837 (77)

Mulberry, Lincoln, Tennessee, United States

Immediate Family:

Son of Mark Whitaker and Tabitha Ann Whitaker

Husband of Martha Whitaker and Nancy Whitaker

[Note: Pegleg’s brother Mark married Catherine Boone, who was a first cousin of Daniel Boone.

In order to pass from Rowen County, NC, to Lincoln, TN, the family would have passed through the Cumberland Gap, and they traveled along the Wilderness Road. Daniel Boone is famous for his connection o both the Cumberland Gap and the Wilderness Road.

Daniel Boone was born in 1734 in Pennsylvania.

John Pegleg’s grandfather, an older Mark Whitaker, was born in Kennett Square, PA, in 1726.

Both the Boones and the Whitakers were Quakers in Pennsylvania and both would eventually move west to Kentucky via the Cumberland Gap and the Wilderness Road.

Catherine Boone married Mark Whitaker in Rowan County, NC, and my branch of the Whitaker family also lived in Rowan County, North Carolina, before they moved west. Daniel Boone lived longer in North Carolina than in any other state.
In short, there is a connection between my Whitaker family and Daniel Boone and/or his family.

7. Daniel Whitaker 

Birth:    1795

His parents are John Pegleg Whitaker and Martha Wilcoxson.

Woodford, Kentucky, United States

Death: 1882 (87)

Obion, Tennessee, United States

Immediate Family:

Son of John Whitaker and Martha Whitaker

Husband of Nancy Whitaker

My Family’s Ancestor Reverend Milton J. Whitaker Was a Baptist Circuit Preacher

8.  Milton James Whitaker 

Birth:    September 18, 1832

Mulberry, Lincoln, Tennessee, United States

Death: March 3, 1908 (75)

Clarkton, Dunklin, Missouri, United States

Immediate Family:

Son of Daniel Whitaker and Nancy Whitaker

Husband of  Sarah Elizabeth Godsey Whitaker

Father of Emma Lee Whitaker; Nancy D. Whitaker; Coldonia Olive “Callie” Whitaker; Elizabeth Almeda Capshaw; Rev. Robert N. Whitaker Mayme Lena and 6 others

9. Mayme Lena Whitaker

My Great Grandma=other

Birth:   January 1, 1879

Tennessee, United States

Death: September 4, 1963 (84)

Clarkton, Dunklin, Missouri, United States