Making My Lists & Checking Them Twice – Setting Goals for the New Year

Many, many years ago, I saw an illustration with a simple, crude stairway stretched toward heaven, and the words were inscribed: I Want! It may have been a William Blake illustration. I saw it at about the time that I was writing a thesis on him, Today, it seems like that was a lifetime ago, but it was not. I am still alive and kicking, and I’m still setting new goals.

“When a tree quits growing, it dies.”

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Hitch Your Wagon to the Stars – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Even when I was very young–at least by junior high [and that was 60 years ago], I realized that I was driven to be–to do something–to say something–to make something that was special and uniquely myself. And while 2020 was very good to me, as far as accomplishments go, I do not feel the need to quit reaching for more stars.

I have established several areas in which I am setting new goals for 2021:

  • Art
  • Illustration
  • Writing
  • Business
  • Education
  • Personal Growth

And I have begun creating 2 digital planners. I’ll keep one of those in GoodNotes on my Ipad, and while that one will be aimed toward the festive and cute, my workhorse digital planner is on my laptop, and I am keeping that in OneNote. At this point, my OneNote planner is not all that cute, but one of my goals for 2021 is that of learning how to create and market my own digital planner system, and throughout this year, I’ll be creating graphics for my own system.

This is my January calendar page that I created by modifying the fabulous and free GoodNotes digital planner template that was developed by Liz Kohler Brown.

I got started with digital planning by watching the above video created by Liz Kohler Brown about her Free Digital Planner.

The above is my modification for Liz Kohler Brown’s planner for one page. I only began digital planning a few days ago, and at this point, I am using clipart that other people created, but I am an artist, and one of my goals for 2021 is to develop my own graphics and stickers for my own digital planner system.