How to Participate in #ReadtoWrite for a Chance to Win an Autographed Copy of Jacki Kellum’s The Donkey’s Song in 31 Days

Today is January 1, and I am launching several challenges and events for writers and visual artists. Participate in any or all of the challenge events for a chance to win an autographed copy of my picture book The Donkey’s Song at the end of January–in 31 Days. In February, I’ll add other challenges–#14DayPBChallenge and #ReadBlackHistory. Participants may compete for books then, too.

How to Participate in #ReadtoWrite:

  1. Read whatever you want every day during the month of January.
  2. Comment on one of my social media posts every day about what you are reading [mere “liking” is not adequate].

That’s all, Folks.

More about #ReadtoWrite Here:

Read to Write – A Challenge for 2023

Again, to participate in #ReadtoWrite, you must comment. Hopefully, you will be prompted to write more from your daily reading, but I expect all participants to at least write a comment on one of my social media posts. 

Here is how I logged and commented about my reading for January 1:

January 1 – Day 1 of #ReadtoWrite

Keep in mind that I have been blogging for years. It is not necessary that you write as much as I do about your reading, but you do need to write something. This will help you end writer’s block. More about that later.