How Many Hours Does It Take to Create A 1-Hour Painting and Why?

Yesterday, I posted images of my 1-Hour painting Lilies, and within minutes someone asked me how much that this painting would cost.

Lilies – Jacki Kellum Acrylic Painting Created in 1 Hour

I came back with the price of $300, and I could almost hear jaws drop. “What? $300 for 1 hour of work?”

Well, the truth is that it took me several hours to create this one study of lilies. First, I had to go flower shopping.

Does Aldi sell flowers

I began by rummaging through the very reasonably priced bunches of flowers at my local Aldi store, but they didn’t have any lilies.

May be an image of text that says 'Fresh Quality Flowers 100% Small Bouquet $487 Everyday Bouquet $987 Premium Bouquet $1987 58c'

I continued my search at Walmart. They had lots of lilies, but they did not have the speckled lilies that I wanted for my painting.  Naturally, that stop was complicated because I also needed to pick up my pharmacy order while I was at Walmart, and that took another hour, and I also  had to buy some masking tape, In addition, while I was at Walmart, I needed to check to see if they carried a case for my iPad. No, no case for my iPad, but oh, yes,  the Verizon Store is across the street from my Walmart. I decided that I’d go see if I could file a claim on my iPad that was cracked due to a recent fall. Well, maybe. I stood at the counter in the Verizon store for about an hour, and after a lengthy call, the answer was “Yes!” Because I had faithfully insured my old iPad, they would replace it. With that good news, I bounced back toward home, but on the way, I needed to stop at Hobby Lobby.

I needed to buy some new brushes and some new canvas-covered panels:

Master's Touch Classic Collection Blank Canvas Set - 4 x 5

After I stopped to get something to eat, I sauntered the rest of the way home.

I needed to arrange the flowers that I HAD bought on my outing,

And I needed to tint my canvases.

But I still did not have the lilies that I wanted for my painting.

After about 4 hours of searching on the Internet, I found a photograph of the lilies that I wanted to paint, and that led to an hour or two or sketching and then of drawing my lilies on my tinted canvas, and voila! Many hours later, I was ready to get out the paints that I needed and then, to paint lilies for 1 hour.

So, you see, it takes several hours for me to paint any 1-hour painting, but just to further plead my case, I must add that I had spent hours deciding which paints that I would buy and then, ordering them. And I must say that I began painting over half a century ago. During that time, I spent hours, days, months, and years painting 1 flop after another. I studied painting in college and in graduate school, and I painted some more. I switched from oil to watercolor, and I sloshed water and color on thousands of pieces of watercolor paper.

Fiesta – Jacki Kellum Watercolor Painting

And years after that, I decided to try acrylics for the first time.

I began by painting sunflowers.

And I painted more and more sunflowers until it was time. In one short hour, all of the years, and months, and weeks, and days of preparation came together, and there it was:

Lilies: A Jacki Kellum Acrylic Painting That It Took 60 Years to Paint