Intro to Procreate – Learning to Draw on the Ipad – A Great Course by Bardot Brush

As far as illustrating goes, I am a dinosaur. When I was in college, regular folks didn’t have computers, and I doubt if Ipads were anywhere close to the horizon. Now, I am finally promoting some of my picture books, and there seems to be a preference for illustrations that are at least partially done with some type of technology. Procreate seems to be very popular among illustrators, and I already have an Ipad, and an  Ipad pencil, and the Procreate app.

It’s time for me to learn how to make art with Procreate, and I have lucked into Lisa Bardot and Bartdot Brushes. Lisa offers a full range of courses, tutorials, and brushes for help using Procreate and other resources too: Here

I’ve looked at several Procreate courses, and the Intro to Procreate Course by Bardot Brushes is undoubtedly the best Here

I’ll insert a link to the video at the end of this post.

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01:10 Recommended Hardware

procreate gallery view

02:35 Gallery View

procreate canvas sizes

03:12 Canvas Templates

procreate brushes

03:29 Brushes

procreate eraser tool

04:45 Undo/Redo/Clear/Eraser

“You can pinch and spread to zoom in or out and rotate your canvas. Do a quick pinch to have the canvas go back to filling the screen. If you make a mark you want to undo simply tap with two fingers anywhere on the canvas.
Tap with two fingers and hold to undo multiple.
Tap with three fingers to redo.
Tap and hold with three fingers to redo multiple.
Use three fingers to “scrub” off the screen and clear all.

05:34 Working with Color

procreate color

06:44 Smudge

procreate smudge tool

07:01 Layers

procreate layers

8:30 Alpha Lock

8:45 Clipping Mask

procreate clipping mask

9:25 Layer Opacity

9_35 Merge Layers

09:47 Quickline & Quickshape

10:59 Selection Tool

procreate selection tool

11:40 Transform Tool

procreate transform tool

14:31 Adjustments Menu

15:03 Liquify

15:27 Adjusting Colors with HSB

15:52 Tracing from a Reference Photo

16:37 Crop and Resize

16:48 Drawing Guides and Symmetry

17:31 Time-Lapse Replay

18:03 Sharing your Art

18:27 Organizing Files

19:10 Helpful Resources

Intro to Procreate – Learning to Draw on the Ipad – A Great Course by Bardot Brush