How to Draw Mr. Moon with the Procreate App on Ipad Pro with Apple Pencil

Mr. Moon – Jacki Kellum Digital Drawing Created on Ipad Pro with the App Procreate

I drew the outline of the moon and star on a layer.

Then, I created a new layer beneath that layer, and On that layer, I created the sky background.

How to Create A Sky Background in Procreate

I used the Bardot Brush from the set Bardot Wash, which is within the Wash & Dry brushes Here. Specifically, I used the Stone Glaze Brush.  I was working on a huge screen, and I happy to loosely scumble in the sky with my fingers. I deliberately left cloud-like shapes uncovered in the sky.

Wash & Dry // Watercolor Brushes for Procreate • Bardot Brush

Then, I used Procreate’s Smudge tool and smudged the sky closer together–to create a more blended tone.

I returned to the layer above, where I had drawn the outline of the moon and a star, and I erased the sky paint that had bled into those areas.

I created several more layers, and I drew different features of the moon on different layers. For instance, the lips are on one layer, the orange dots are on one layer, the rays are on one layer, etc.
I began laying in the fills of these features with Bardot Brushes in the Bardot Wash Set of Brushes.

I began with Stone Glaze.

The Lips, the cheek, the dots, and the rays were Painted with the Brush Sand Glaze from the same set.

I added fine details with a brush from the Bardot Brush Set Gouache Paintbox.

I used the Bardot Gouache Round.

Initially, the sky was a bit light for a night sky, and I duplicated the sky background layer. That darkened the sky. Then I applied a Blend Mode to this layer. I used the Multiply Blend Mode.

Before this week, I have only painted traditionally, and before I created Mr. Moon in Procreate, I had already painted it traditionally in watercolor. Well, the truth is that Mr. Moon and the Star are part of an illustration that I painted:

Mr. Moon – Jacki Kellum Watercolor Illustration

As you will see in the following illustration, I had uploaded my watercolor illustration beneath the layer where I created my Mr. Moon on Procreate.

My Watercolor of Mr. Moon was originally part of my traditionally painted Illustration:

Mrs. Cow Loves Polka Dots – Jacki Kellum Watercolor Illustration