How I Painted Ladybug Lou Calling on Ipad Pro with the App Procreate and Apple Pencil

This is Day 3 of my effort to learn to illustrate with the app Procreate on my Ipad Pro.

  1. I began with an outline, Using a Bardot Brush – Bardot Flat Detail Marker Fine, which is in the Bardot Brush Set Multi-Tonal Markers Here.  
    I could have drawn this with the Bardot Brush in the Gouache Paintbox Set – Gouache Light Pencil or Opaque Round.

2. I Began Filling, Using Bardot Gouache Paintbox Gouache Wash Transparent Here

3. To add some opacity, I switched to Bardot Wash Wet Mop, which is in the set Wash & Dry Set Here

4. I switched back to Gouache Paint Box with the Brush Light Brush Stroke

5. Then Gouache – Opaque Round

6. I inked with the Procreate Brush Inking  Mercury

7. To blend, I finished with Gouache Deep Edge Brush Stroke