The Blooms of the Cotton Plants Are More Beautiful Than Any Rose

Barn on Highway 53 in the Bootheel

This past week, I journeyed down into my homeland in the Bootheel of Missouri, and I  saw the first cotton fields that I have seen for more than a quarter of a century. Oh, my! I have been away too long,

As soon as I saw the first cotton fields of my homeland, I literally stopped the car and kissed the earth. Cotton Blooms! No flower in the world is more beautiful than the cotton bloom. Thank you, God, for bringing me home.

Gone Are the Cotton Blooms of Home – Jacki Kellum Watercolor
Painted While I Was Still Living in New Jersey

Cotton Plant – Jacki Kellum Colored Pencil

While I was still in the North, I drew and painted cotton, but those pieces were done from afar. I am very thankful that this year, I’ll be able to touch and feel and smell my cotton fields once more. That is how my best art is created


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