Some of the Very Best Book Covers of 2018

Some of the Best Book Covers from All of 2018 Here

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-hippie

Hippie by Paulo Coelho
Designed by Tyler Comrie

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-mars-room

Mars Room by Rachel Kushner
Designed by Peter Mendelslund
Illustrated by Nan Goldin

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-ink-2

Ink by Alice Broadway
Designed by Andrew Biscomb & Elizabeth Parisi
Illustrated by Jamie Gregory

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-godsend

Godsend by John Wray
Cover Designed & Illustrated by Adrian Tomine

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-liveblog

Live Blog by Megan Boyle
Designed by Nicole Caputo

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-the-pisces

The Pisces by Melissa Broder
Designed by Rachel Willey
Illustrated by Tim O’Brien

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-notes-from-my-captivity

Notes from My Captivity by Kathyy Parks
Designed by Heather Daugherty
Illustrated by Helen Crawford-White

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-smoke-and-mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors by K.D. Halbrook
Designed by Karl James Mountford & Chloe Foglia

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-muck

Muck: A Novel by Dror Burstein
Designed by Na Kim

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-in-the-night-wood

In the Night Wood by Dale Bailey
Designed by Martha Kennedy
Illustrated by Andrew Davidson

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-something-great-and-beautiful

Something Great and Beautiful by Enrico Pellegrini
Designed by Gray 318

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-cherry-2-min

Cherry: A Novel by Nico Walker
Designed by Janet Hansen

best-book-covers-of-2018 18-bbc-tell-me-lies

Tell Me Lies by Carola Lovering
Designed by Donna Cheng

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