Thanksgiving – Watercolor


Thanksgiving – Watercolor


An Original Watercolor on Fabriano Artistico

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When I was alone for Thanksgiving, remembering Thanksgivings of my past–a time when family, hearth, and home seemed to glow a great deal more than they do for me now, I painted Thanksgiving Across the Lake. I could write the long version of this post, explaining in detail that the painting and its meaning grew AS I painted it; but I’ll summarize by assuring you that I did not realize exactly what I was painting nor why until I completed the work. By the end of the painting session [not before then], I knew how the final painting would look; I knew what the title would be; and I knew what the painting would mean. The “evergreen” trees are hardly green at all. The Thanksgiving colors dance around the page; but the most warmth–the greatest glow is not in the center of attention–not in the main grove of trees [where I am standing]. The golden and glowing warmth of Thanksgiving was within sight but not where I was. I knew Thanksgiving was there; but I could not touch it or attain it in any way.

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