December River – Watercolor


December River – Watercolor Painting


Original Watercolor

December River is the full-scale version of a study that I have painted several times during the past month. I named the studies Paint the Blues Away, and I even wrote a blog post explaining how I use the color red to flush life and vitality into my work. I wanted to complete the full painting before I moved on to something else, and December 1 seemed like a good day to do a wintry scene. As I painted the creek or the river that is snaking its way across the snow, I thought about Joni Mitchell’s song River. I consider Joni Mitchell to be the greatest poet of my generation; and every time I hear her sing River, tears well in my eyes.

Not wanting to try to ride on Joni’s coat tail, I initially decided to just name my painting December 1; but in writing this post, I decided to be totally honest. My painting means more than December 1. I am not Kandinsky, and my paintings are more than mere numbers. My painting December River means that I, too, wish I had a River I could skate away on……Thank you, Joni Mitchell. No one has said it better than you.

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