Picture Books Are Necessary to Restore Hope to A World That Is Fraught with Other Negative Media

I have been watching the news on television more than usual these past few weeks, and I must admit that I am genuinely concerned about the negative outpourings that continually spew from all of the news channels. I believe that one of the reasons that I write and illustrate picture books is to counterbalance my intake of negativity. I look forward to the day that I am published and can share my hope with the world.

My Mrs. Cow falls into a trap of using online shopping to lift herself from her ordinary life down on the farm.

Mrs. Cow without Online Shopping

Mrs. Cow – After she discovered online shopping

Admittedly, online shopping is not the best way to elevate one’s spirit, but I believe that color and energy and laughter are definitely a cure.

Many years ago, a stranger saw my work and remarked: “I can tell by your paintings that you had a very happy childhood.”

I remarked: “No, Friend. What you see in my work is that I continually TRY to have a happy childhood.”

And that is how my art and my writing help to restore my own hope. I look forward to the day that I am published, and I’ll be able to scatter a bit of hope throughout a larger portion of the world.


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