Jacki Kellum Announces Art Scholarship Program for Kids – Jacki Kellum H-Art Break for Creative Kids

In 2017 and during part of this year, Jacki Kellum still lived in the Northeast and some wonderful gentlemen from her home in the Bootheel of Missouri pledged money to help some New Jersey kids afford to take art classes with her. Whatever they pledged in money for classes, Jacki matched the pledge with free classes. Jacki Kellum has recently relocated to the Ozark Mountains, where there is an even greater financial need for any type of luxuries–such as art lessons. [Disclaimer-Jacki Kellum Studios LLC doesn’t consider art to be a luxury] — and fortunately, one of Jacki’s former donors has already pledged money to help a kid from the Ozarks take art classes.

Larry “Chip” Chapman is an educator, and he advocates the arts as a necessity for a complete education. Larry Chapman said “As long as the kid stays in  school, I will help him/her take art classes.” Thank you, Larry Chapman, for helping me get this art scholarship for kids scholarship program launched again.

Jacki Kellum Studios LLC Business Manager Vikki Ransom Hudson has also pledged funds to help a kid take art.

Jacki Kellum’s business manager is working to make the Jacki Kellum H-Art Break for Creative Kids a full-fledged program.  If anyone wants to help some creative kid be able to take art classes, give Jacki Kellum a call, text,  or an email.

The cost of the classes is $25.00 per class, but students pay one month at a time. A $100.00 donation pays for 4 lessons, but Jacki will match the donation. Thereby, a $100.00 donation actually pays for 8 lessons. If a donor wants to help buy supplies, too, that would be the icing on this creative cake.

Jacki Kellum Email jackikellum@gmail.com
Jacki Kellum cell phone or text: 870-715-7740

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