Is Fine Art America a Good Place to Sell Art? – Fine Art America Review – Sells High Quality Prints, But Not A Good Site for Selling Original Art

Three weeks ago, I opened an online art store at Fine Art America, and I feel that enough time has passed for me to be able to assess whether Fine Art America is a good place for marketing my art.

I’ll begin by saying one of the most important things: Fine Art America produces good quality printed products, and that is not always the case with Print on Demand companies.

Janis Joplin – Jacki Kellum Watercolor
Original Sold

Prints for Sale at Fine Art America

It is probably difficult to make good printed copies of my art. It is very colorful, but the mingling of hues is complex. A friend bought an art print of Janis Joplin, and she also bought Janis printed on some bags that Fine Art America prints and sells.

Cosmetic Bag Printed from Jacki Kellum Watercolor Painting Janis Joplin

Tote Bag

So, in a crucial area – the quality of printing – I give Fine Art America a gold star, but I am not happy with Fine Art America as a site to advertise and retail my original art.

Another friend contacted me saying that he could not find the sies and the prices of the original art, and I had to admit that I don’t believe that Fine Art America is interested an artist’s selling his originals. After all, Fine ArtAmerica doesn’t even sell an artist’s originals. They only make money when then customers buy prints, and that their printed products are relatively easy to find. I emphasize the word relatively. When I am not logged in, I have had difficulty finding my art through searches on Fine Art America.

To find what I have for sale, go to this address:

You should see a page of art, as follows:

You scroll through the grid of thumbnails until you find a piece that you want to review further, and you click on that piece.


Consider the Lily – Jack Kellum Watercolor

You see some of the printed accessories on the right side of the piece of art that you selected–like in the above photo. When you click on one of the products, all of the available products are displayed at the bottom of the page.

The sizes of the originals are in small print, beneath all of the printed accessories — like in photo 4. [Remember that Fine Art America makes no money by selling originals. They do not make the original sizes easy to find].

The size of the original is in very fine print beneath the gallery of printed accessories that the customer can buy from Fine Art America, and the customer is told to contact the artist to make arrangements to buy the original.

This is a primitive process for our technologically advanced 21st-century online society, and I am highly critical of this feature of Fine Art America’s service. I have contacted my web designer to create a separate gallery on my own website and to have a shopping cart on my website. This will bring the buying of my originals back into the 21st century.

Consider the Lily Framed Print – Jacki Kellum Watercolor

Original art can become very pricey, however, and I reiterate my original point: if you want to buy a print and not an original piece of art, Fine Art America is a good print on demand company, and I understand that they back their printing with a 30-day-guarantee.

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