I’m Getting Old – I’m Downsizing – But I’m Not Quitting Yet

I don’t remember how old I was when I realized that I was getting old and that soon, I’d need to begin downsizing. A few years ago, my dad died and I shuddered, as I watched my mother pick through her possessions, trying to decide what she could part with and what she absolutely couldn’t let go. I quaked as I watched my mom give up her house and move into an apartment for the elderly, and I prayed that I’d never get that old. But pray or not, age is knocking on my door, and I find myself downsizing–selling everything that I can–and moving into a tiny house back home, in the South.

Many, many times I have answered those silly questionnaires on Facebook:”Would you rather live in this mansion in the city–in this breezy condo on the islands–or in a little cottage in some wooded place?” Well, be careful what you wish for–little cottage, here I come. But I am not fading gently into that good night. I am not quitting. I am merely shifting gears and reprioritizing.

I have realized that I need more time to paint and to pursue my art, and I need less time to maintain and to pay to maintain my current house, which has 4 floors. Therefore, I am moving to a place that will allow me to have more art time and less time to worry. In other words: I am not quitting–I am changing.

By seizing the opportunities that disruption presents and leveraging hard times into greater success through outworking/outinnovating/outthinking and outworking everyone around you, this just might be the richest time of your life so far. – Robin S. Sharma

Many people are critical of my decision to walk away from the North–from a lifestyle that has taken me years to attain, and I even have pangs of doubt about disrupting my life here and about chasing after another lifestyle, much of which lies within the shadowy stretches of the unknown. But I am cognizant enough that I see shadowy stretches ahead, regardless of where I am living. Again, I am getting older, and getting older brings about the necessity of change. In all businesses, the openness to change is essential. I have carefully thought this move through.

To thrive, all businesses must focus on the art of self-disruption. Rather than wait for the competition to steal your business, every founder and employee needs to be willing to cannibalize their existing revenue streams in order to create new ones. All disruption starts with introspection. – Jay Samit

In two weeks, I am leaving the Northeast, but I am not checking out of life. I am moving to a place where I can be productive in ways that I cannot be productive, standing still. Old age is chasing me, nipping at my heels, but I am still several steps ahead. I am not going to let old age take me alive.

Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you ALIVE. – Sid Vicious




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