I Was There When Almost 1 Million Kids Rallied to Change Their World – I Stand with the Kids

Yesterday, I started the day the same way that I have started several before. I headed out for Washington DC to study some paintings at the National Gallery of Art. I am ashamed to admit that I didn’t know this when I set out for Washington, but 800,00 other people were headed to the same place that I was going. Ostensibly, I went to my nation’s capital to look at art, but very shortly, I found myself swallowed by a mass of eager but respectful and caring kids who had come to rally for a better life.

Before I launch into this post, I want to make it clear that I am not in favor of eradicating the American citizen’s right to bear arms. Clearly, I want to go on record as not being in support of any citizen’s right to bear an oozie or a machine gun, but I grew up in the South, where hunting is a way of life. I have even dove hunted, from time to time. I support an American’s right to go out into the woods with his shotgun in hand, and his right to hunt for game.

I am also aware that changing the gun laws will not prevent the wrong people from getting guns and from killing. Yesterday, I was in Washington DC when the National Guard and the police took their positions. It is almost a farce, but there were guns at the rally for stricter gun control, and those guns might have been needed to control an angry mob, but they were not. There WAS no angry mob.

I have taught kids for 50 years, and I have been in classrooms that were destroyed by 1 or 2 nasty, out-0f-control kids. Believe me, those kids did not come to the rally in Washington on March 24, 2018. I was on the National Mall all day long that day, and I saw nothing other than respectful, intelligent, well-behaved kids who were there because they want to make their world a better place.

Jacki Kellum – I Stand for the Kids.

Again, I am not in support of eliminating America’s right to bear arms, but I am definitely in support of this nation’s coming together and finding a way to protect kids everywhere that they venture, but especially to protect them in their schools.

I grew up in the 1950s, and school was my haven. It was my safety net. It was a protected place for my mind to grow and for me to become the creative, free thinker that I am. I want that same kind of safety and security for our kids today. I do not want for any child to be thwarted by fear.

But speaking of fear, my greatest fear is of people who refuse to look at issues freshly. Clearly, we need some sort of change to protect our kids. I don’t believe that eliminating a citizen’s right to bear arms is the change that will make a difference, but I am petrified of people who simply wear blinders and shut their minds when they hear arguments that we might need change.

In the Bible, we are told that women are to be silent in church and that they must wear hats–or cover their heads. Not many women today are silent anywhere, and I rarely see a woman wearing a hat to church. Things have changed since the Bible was written and change calls for intelligent reconsideration.

The great Stephen Hawking told us that Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. I dare to say that the converse is also true. The ignorant are those who refuse to adapt to change. Over and over, I witness the reality that many people who believe that they have been endowed with an inestimable amount of wisdom and truth have not.

Like everyone else, I am a victim of my own denial and I also make the mistake of believing things that I want to believe or that are comfortable. I feel quite sure in saying, however, that American needs to change the ways that it protects the kids–especially the kids in school. I am not sure how we should effect that change, but simply refusing to consider the issue is simple ignorance.

Again and again and again, I stand with the kids.


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