I Have Always Loved Dogs – My Spirit Animal Is the Wolf

If you asked me whether or not I believe in astrology, my first reaction would be a resounding “No,” but my astrological sign is Pisces, and everything written to describe a Pisces, describes me. Yesterday, I discovered that in terms of the Native American birth signs or totems, my spirit animal is that of a wolf, and while I don’t think that I believe in spirit animals, I am definitely a wolf person, too.

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Wolf people have a highly developed intuitiveness about them, and while I am not deeply grounded in the business world and in what it takes to survive on a physical level, my intuition is one of  my greatest attributes.

German Shepherd Dog Drawing – Jacki Kellum Graphite Pencil

I have always loved dogs. I think that dogs are intuitive. I can see what they are thinking in their eyes. I am actually not surprised that the dog-like wolf is my totem animal, but when I first looked at the spirit animal site, I misunderstood the full significance of the birth dates. I was born on March 13, and people in the Southern Hemisphere who are born on March 13 are Bears.  I initially thought that I was a Bear.

While believing myself to be a Bear person, I tried to fit the profile. Bears are well-grounded and self-confident and strong and pragmatic. As I read about Bears, I scratched my head. I thought: “I am none of those things. This is a joke.” And then, I realized that I live in the Northern Hemisphere. Bear is not my spirit animal. I continued to search and found that I am a Wolf.

Many people perceive the wolf as the lone animal, and in many ways, I do feel that I see the world differently and that I am forced by this to often walk alone.

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But in reality, Wolves are social creatures. They travel in packs. They want to connect.

While I do see the world from a different perspective than many other people, I spend most of my time writing or painting about what I see. I WANT to share it with anyone who will allow me to do so. I want to connect with other people, and that is the true nature of other Wolf people, too.

Most people view wolves as the Big-Bad-Evil-Nursery-Rhyme Villain, and their first thoughts might be that Wolf People are threatening and adversarial. But in nature, wolves do not wish to fight, In fact, they will do almost anything to avoid fights, but if the situation demands it, they have the strength to defend themselves.

Wolves prefer to be more communal and to be directed from more of an internal or sensitive or spiritual realm than from that of the more physical. But survival in this world requires that all of us have an ability to draw strength from realms other than our own. That is why we are fortunate to live in a world filled with all types of people who have all types of strengths that are reflected in all types of spirit animals.

I like being a Wolf, but I am fortunate that I understand that Wolves, on their own, are not a full package. In the Bible, we are told that no single person among us is the entire body. Some of us are eyes. Some of us are ears. Some of us are muscles. Some are brains. I am very happy that I realize that I need others to be an entire body and to live a full life.  I am happiest when I am aligned with other people–many of whom are not wolves at all.


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