How to Use the Free Online Photo Editor Ipiccy to Blend Photos – Free 4th of July Greeting Photo

Photoshop has Blend Modes; but iPiccy is the only free photo editor that I have found to have the same capacity to merge two photos into one image.  Several years ago, I created the following tutorial for a 4th of July treat. Here it is again.

What Are Blend Modes?

Blend Modes allow the transparency of images to be reduced; and it also allows the blending of 2 images–with a variety of effects.

To simplify the process, I began with 2 images that are the same size –including the same Aspect Ratio [proportions].

You may save the following 2 images to your photos library.  They are ready to use for this tutorial. I have already cropped them so that they are the same size and Aspect Ratio,

Liberty600px  Flagz600px

The appearance of your blend will vary according to which image is loaded first, as well as to which blends are applied afterwards.  We’ll load the Statue of Liberty first.

I prepared this tutorial several years ago, and the dials may look different, but the process is the same.

1.  Go to

2.  On the ipiccy site, click on the yellow tab, [referenced on the below image] which says Start Editing!


3.  Click on the tab that says, “Upload photo.”  Browse to the folder where you saved the Statue and open it.


4. layersicon2 On the top menu, click on the Layers Icon.

5.  AddPhotoIcon  On the menu beneath the top, click on the Add Photo Icon.

6.  Upload the Flag Image; and it will appear in the left panel.

7.  Click on the Flag image in the left panel; and drag it over the Statue image.

8.  To pull the flag completely over the statue, select it by clicking inside the flag.  Little squares will appear on the corners of the selected image.


9.  Grab one handle at a time and pull the flag outward until it completely covers the statue.

10.  The Blend Menu is on the left.  You can alter the blended image’s appearanceor by changing the Blend Mode and/or the Fade.

11.  To change the Blend Mode,  click  the arrow beside the word “Normal.”  This will open a drop-down menu.  The following image has been altered by the Overlay Blend Mode.

12.  You can change the image even more by also changing the Fade, along with the Overlay Blend Mode.  The Fade on the following image is at 44%.

13.  Continue to play with image by selecting different Blend Modes and Fade Percentages.  The Following Image is on Blend Mode Hardlight at a Fade of 48%


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