How to Fit My Entire Painting in My Products at Fine Art America


I believe that my spontaneity and my looseness are the most exciting things about my art, and people say that they enjoy the way that I allow my colors and my marks to flow and to juxtapose themselves throughout my images. When you look at my products at Fine Art America in different orientations, you begin to see this magical, almost elusive quality about my paintings. The potential problem is that as Fine Art America strives to fit a painting into a pre-made object, say a tote bag, some of the important information seems to be lost.

As I said in another post, 

I like the rather abstract glimpses of color and emotion that present themselves when Fine Art America deletes some of the details, but I realize that others may need more information.

Fortunately, Fine Art America provides an image size slider that allows the customer to change the size to fit his preferences. Although the red arrow is not actually at the Jack Kellum Fine Art America Shop, there is an image slider there, and by adjusting the slider, you can select any variation of image size and placement that you want. This works on almost any product that you select at the Jacki Kellum Shop at Fine Art America. 

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