How to Draw and Color a Fence Post in Colored Pencils

Yesterday I talked about the importance of seeing the specific details of fence posts, trees, planks of wood, etc., when you paint or draw them.

How to Paint Wood and Old Fence Posts – Learn to See

If you have not done so, I’d suggest that you read that short article and that you draw with pencil the following examples of wood grain:

For this exercise, I drew in colored pencil the above fence post that I found on

I drew the fence post with prismacolor premier colored pencils. I did the sketch with light cerulean blue, and then I shaded with 30% French Gray, 50% French Gray, 70% French Gray, 90% French Gray, sepia, indigo, black, white, cream, and a touch of sienna brown. I drew the grass with chartreuse, limepeel, olive green, indigo, sepia, and a touch of sienna brown.

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