Hand Painted Accessories from Jacki Kellum Art Last Red Rose

The Last Rose of Summer Red Rose – Jacki Kellum Watercolor

“… nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, glory in the flower.” William Wordsworth

A few days ago, I went to see the movie 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri. I don’t know what I expected, but I was stunned when the film opened with a song that I knew very well but somehow would not have anticipated for the feature that I had come to see. The Last Rose of Summer is a haunting song, and as the movie progressed, I knew that it was the perfect melody to open 3 Billboards–a motion picture that still shadows me, days later.

Some of you may know this and others may not, but I have several other blog sites, and each of those sites has an entirely different personality. In that way, my blog sites are very much like me. Like Dr. Seus in his book Many Colored Days, I experience a wide range of moods, and I paint according to the mood that I am in at the time. I painted my Last Rose of Summer the day after I saw the film 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, and while I painted, I listened to all sorts of people who were singing. They were vocalizing my mood.

The next day, I painted Red Gerbera Daisies, and note how the dominant tone of the second painting differs from the first.  But back to the somber mood and my other gardening blog. Last fall, I watched the animals in my backyard, gathering nuts and storing seeds for winter, and it made me think. I had been walking around my weed-grown garden, and I was observing that even though it was a hot September day, I knew that in only a few weeks, I would be watching the snow, as it settled across my lawn.

In my essay Winter Comes Too Soon, I said that things were getting crazy at my bird feeders.  There was a feeding frenzy. The already fat birds and squirrels could not seem to get enough food.  The same as I, my animals sensed that regardless of how furiously they’ wouldprepare, there would not be enough. In New Jersey, where I am living now, winter comes too soon, and it lasts too long.  And such is life.

Snow Orchard – Jacki Kellum Watercolor Painting

I myself am beginning to experience a pre-winter panic.  I am almost 68 years old, and with limited resources, it does not seem that I, by myself, will be able to get my house and my garden ready for that long winter’s nap–the final one that precedes our totally passing away. I realize that the winter of my life is just around the bend, and I am frantically trying to make my nest. I allude to this through the shadows that run across the ground in my painting Snow Orchard.

Detail – Last Rose of Summer – Jacki Kellum Watercolor Painting

The almost somber and soft jewel tones in my Last Rose of Winter also express a type of hushed, near-winter solemnity. I like that through my art, I can celebrate the full range of my own emotions.

Last Rose of Summer Canvas Print – Painting by Jacki Kellum

You can buy art prints of The Last Rose of Winter in my Shop at Fine Art America. The prints are sold either as stretched canvas prints or as paper prints that can be framed or not.

Matted and Framed Print of The Last Rose of Summer – Jacki Kellum Watercolor Painting

I also love the accessories that we have created, using my Last Rose Painting

Ipone X Case Printed with Jacki Kellum’s Watercolor Painting The Last Rose of Summer – Red Rose

The customers can select whether they want the image to be placed vertically or diagonally on the phone, and it is rather neat to see the types of close-ups and slices of art that are possible, simply by changing the phone’s orientation.

Close Up of Jacki Kellum Watercolor Painting The Last Rose of Summer

I believe that my spontaneity and my looseness are the most exciting things about my art, and people say that they enjoy the way that I allow my colors and my marks to flow and to juxtapose themselves throughout my images. When you look at my products in different orientations, you begin to see this magical, almost elusive quality about my paintings. When something can be enjoyed simply because of its color and its markings–and not dependent upon the subject matter–the image takes on a rather abstract and almost philosophical nature, and I believe that is what comes across in my painting Last Rose of Winter. Here is a gallery of the Last Rose products that I especially like:

Portable Battery Charger from The Last Rose of Summer

 Last Rose of Winter Throw Pillow

 Last Rose of Winter Coffee Mug

Last Rose of Winter Tote Bag

 Zipped Cosmetic Pouch Last Rose of Winter

Weekender Bag Last Rose of Winter

Yoga Mat Last Rose

Shower Curtain Last Rose of Summer




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